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Profile of Mr. Ashok Kheny, Managing Director,
M/s. Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise Limited

Name : Ashok Kheny
Date of Birth : 5th October
Nationality : Indian
Key Qualifications : B.S (Electrical Engineering) – 1972
From Karnataka Regional Engineering College,
Suratkal, Mangalore Dist., Karnataka.

M.S. (Management Science & Engineering) – 1974
From Wooster Polytechnic College (Wooster, Massachusetts).
Foreign Visits : USA, UK, Canada, European Countries,
South Africa, Mexico, Japan, South Korea,
Malaysia, Singapore, Panama, Morocco, Turkey, etc.
Professional Experience :
Mr. Ashok Kheny has over 33 Years of experience in the engineering, design and construction of major projects for the transportation, infrastructure and telecommunications industries in USA.
He is founder Member and Principal of SAB, Philadelphia and its affiliate firm SAB International Limited specialized in services to transportation and infrastructure industries.